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My approach is to establish trust and to create a safe, confidential space for clients to help them to think openly and freely. Most clients are able to come up with their own answers if they are honest with themselves and are willing to be accountable and to take action. My role is one of being a supportive partner in the coaching relationship who can help the client sharpen their observation skills, clarify their values and intentions and define their goals, help them to achieve their desired state and to design actions that move them forward.

Related models I use most frequently

  • William Bridges Transition Model
  • Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a team
  • John Sherwood’s Pinch Model
  • Glasser’s Reality Therapy Model
  • Gerald Egan’s Skilled Helper Model
  • The Hudson Cycle of renewal
  • Congruence Model


John H. Hudson, an active coach for executives and leaders for the last twenty years, has a background as a Human Resources Executive and has held positions of Managing Director of Human Resources, Vice President of Human Resources, Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, and other Senior Executive roles.

He has worked with organizations of various sizes and complexity, such as Sun Oil Company, Intel, Chase Manhattan Bank, Mellon Bank, Xircom Corporation, Syntex Inc., and Applied Molecular Genetics (Amgen) Inc.

John possesses expertise in the following are:

John received his Coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He holds an MBA from University of Phoenix and completed the University of Michigan Advanced Executive Program. His undergraduate degree was earned from The Ohio State University.
John Has conducted Business Simulation seminars for the Business Schools of Harvard and Stanford Universities.