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“Choosing the Right Path”

“Choosing the Right Path” provides guidance to retiring Baby Boomers and the organizations they are leaving.

The Baby Boom generation is currently leaving the workforce in large numbers. Are those individuals prepared financially and psychologically for this transition away from productive and goal-oriented lives? And what about the organizations that relied on the leadership and expertise of these Boomers: are plans in place to augment this dramatic workforce deficit? From understanding the demographic shift to preparing for one of the largest management turnovers in decades. John H Hudson’s Choosing the Right Path offers insight, knowledge, and hands-on solutions to deal with what could prove to be a corporate, organizational, and personal crisis. Thanks to the author’s expertise and vision, solutions are available and disaster can be avoided.

Choosing the Right Path can be purchased on Amazon

In June 2008, Choice Magazine featured John H Hudsonand his perspective on bridging across cultures in the coaching relationship. John discussed the effect of cultural differences in the coaching relationship and how coaches must examine their own motives and assumptions while engaged in a coaching relationship.

The complete version of Choice Magazine’s diversity issue is available at www.choice-online.com