M Solution

True North Defined

In earlier times, when seaman were trying to navigate their ships from port to port, they used the North Star to guide them to their next destination. As long as they could keep their current position in juxtaposition to the north star, they could put themselves in the correct coordinates to arrive safely at the next port of call. However, clouds would occasionally obscure their view of the heavens or storms would arise and blow them off of their desired course to their next destination.

This often happens in organizations as well. You might have very intricate plans in place to achieve certain goals or milestones but invariably, people change, Market conditions change, Leadership changes, political conditions change, etc.. These can result in causing the organization to be blown off course, as it were, just as that ship in the storm.

However, in the case of the ship, the clouds will eventually subside, the storm will eventually pass over and once this happens, the navigator can once more see the North star and course correct.

As long as organizations have a clearly defined and well-articulated vision of where they are trying to go, (Magnetic / True North) they too can course correct in uncertain and turbulent times.