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The Stages Of The Coaching Process

My coaching interventions have clearly defined stages, including a beginning, middle and end.

Each intervention starts with an “intake Session”, in which you tell me about your business or your executive role and we establish the broad topics and end goals. I explain the process of coaching, emphasizing that coaching does not involve giving advice, and I provide you with my confidentiality policy and Code of Ethics. If you wish to proceed, we complete the coaching contract, which covers issues of cost and frequency of meetings and your right to terminate coaching at any time.


I use the “Grow” model (Whitmore, 2003) to structure sessions around your Goal, Reality, Options and commitment to action, or “Will”, working with you to set “End Goals” in line with your values, and performance goals, that are smart (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound) I facilitate the realization of goals through the exploration of current realities, possible options for action and commitment to carrying out agreed actions. Half way through and at the end of an intervention, I conduct a “Mid-point Review and ” Final Review” respectively, with you to reflect on progress against agreed upon measures. After the intervention is finished, I ask you to complete and evaluation of my performance as coach using questions related to the code of ethics and competency framework. These stages of the coaching process are key to establishing and maintaining a professional coaching relationship and addressing issues of confidentiality, ethics and commitment. On occasion it is necessary to refer individuals to other professionals. For example, issues are often raised during business coaching requiring qualified assistance, and at these times, I refer the individuals to an accredited business advisor.