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What got you here won’t necessarily get you there

What causes him the most talented, ambitious, and successful professional to hit a career roadblock. Almost all professionals have some interpersonal dynamics of one form or another which either didn’t matter in the early phases of their career, or the professionals were so talented that they progressed despite some interpersonal issues

As a coach who has been working with leaders for over 30 years I continually observe that it is behavioral and interpersonal dynamics, not technical skills which separate average performers from peak performers. Incredible results come from practicing basic behaviors like saying thank you listening while, thinking before you speak, and apologizing for your mistakes. However most managers and executives undervalue these key skills. They may seem like basic skills, but most people still haven’t mastered them well enough to be at their best most of the time

Let’s take a quiz. How many of these dynamics are often true in organizations?

The answer is all of the above statements are true. But how can we use this information in coaching others.

Coaching tips

We can make all of these true statements into a powerful coaching question by using these facts as coaching question stems. For example, note how each of the following powerful questions is created by adding the word “what” to the above statements.